Scientific Name:
Hemigrammus erythrozonus (Durbin, 1909)

South America: Rio Essequibo, Guyana.
Most Glowlight Tetra's for sale are bred in captivity.

Maximum size:
4-5cm. (1,5-2").

An aquarium of 24" (60cm.) in length is fully sufficient to provide a shoal of these colorful fish ample space to thrive. A densely planted tank with dimmed lights is preferred, so the little fish can hide and feel secure, especially when they share their tank with larger or more active fish.
Optimal conditions are soft, slightly acidic water, achievable by filtering over peat or by the use of Black Water Extract. But they will do well in harder, more alkaline water as well.

15°C 22-28°C 35°C

5.0 6.0-8.0 9.0
 Ideal conditions
 Suitable conditions
 Unsuitable conditions

An omnivorous fish that will eat most foods, like flakes and small live foods (blood worms, mosquito larvae and similar).

A peaceful, attractive and active community fish that should be kept in a shoal of at least 7-8 fish: otherwise they become shy and reclusive. Because of its small size, keeping Glowlight Tetra's with larger, carnivorous fish is risky.

Glowlight Tetra

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