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It's not easy to find some descent sites about piranhas on the internet. On this page you find the ones I think are worth checking out: some are filled with information from a hobbyist point of view, others are based on scientific data, and yet others are discussion forums, picture-only websites, or contain information about ordering piranha's on-line: together they should give anyone interested enough information to keep piranha's in a responsible way.
This is by no means a complete list, so if you have built a good site or know one that is not listed below, let me know, and I will add it to this list. To do so, please fill in the feedback form.

Recommended sites

Opefe / Oregon Piranha
Opefe / Oregon Piranha

Website filled to the rim with scientific information about all aspects of piranha's and their care in captivity, as well as desciptions and information about numberous other tropical fish species. Written by piranha expert Frank Magallanes, this site is the cream on the piranha pie.

The net's largest and most active discussion forum, created by Mike Baker and a dedicated team of volunteers, intended for piranha keepers of all walks of life and every nationality. Although the name may suggest otherwise, it also includes extensive non-piranha and plant sections. Besides a forum, this website also contains an extensive information center featuring articles, tutorials and DIY instructions, as well as a very large image gallery.

Lively on-line community, created by Jeff Tan. Besides a discussion forum, not only about pleco's but also other (cat)fish, you will find a large image gallery, containing hundreds of excellent pictures.

Very informative website about all things catfish, created by Scottish catfish enthousiast (and expert) Allan James. includes species profiles, journals, a large image gallery, articles, a web forum and many more.

The world's most famous catfish website, and with good reason. Created and maintained by Julian G. Dignall aka. Jools: if you are into catfish, that's all you need to know. Besides a lively discussion forum, it contains profiles of hundreds of catfish species, numberous articles, etc. etc. - too much to mention, so check it out yourself!

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Informative piranha sites

Le Site des Piranhas - French piranha club
Le Site des Piranhas - British piranha club

Piranha Base

Serrasalmus Medinai: Diamonds in the Rough

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Piranha picture galleries Member Galleries

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Piranha discussion boards Netherlands Deutsches Forum Greek site Site Français Spanish site

Le Site des Piranhas - Forum

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Other fish-related sites

Animal-World New

Aqua Lorca - French New

Aqua Pets UK


Aquatic Community Tropical Fish - German site with excellent information about feeding/nutrition and water chemistry


My Cichlid Tank New! Forum - extensive L-number gallery - Tropical Aquarium Plants

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Tropical fish importers

Igarapé - located in France - located in Holland

Amazon Exotic Import - located in Germany

Below Water - located in the Canada

Sharkaquarium - located in the USA

Aquascape - located in the USA

Aqua Pets UK

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Aquarium equipment manufacturers

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. / Filstar

Akvastabil / Eldorado Aquariums

Back to Nature


Eheim / MP Aquarien (Müller & Pfleger) / Jäger - English site

Eheim / MP Aquarien (Müller & Pfleger) / Jäger - European site


Hagen / Fluval / AquaClear

Hanna Instruments

HS Products

Jewel Aquarium




Velda BV

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Literature and magazines

- German

Aqualog Verlag - Aqualog-Extra, Aqualog-Special

Bede Verlag - Faszination Aquarium, Ihr Hobby, MiniAtlanten, Ratgeber

BSV Verlag - Das Aquarium

Dähne Verlag - AquaLex, Aquaristik, Back to Nature

Mergus Verlag - Mergus Atlanten

Natur- und Tier-Verlag - Amazonas - Das Süßwasseraquaristik-Fachmagazin

Tetra Verlag - Aquaristik Fachmagazin

Ulmer Verlag - Datz-Aquarienbücher, Datz-Atlanten, Datz-Sonderheft

Ulmer Verlag - Datz - Die Aquarium und Terrarium Zeitschrift

- English

Aquaculture Magazine

Aquarium Fish Magazine

Aqualog (English)

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH)

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